Leisure, Honeymoon, Wildlife, Cultural, Adventure, Educational, Ecology, Heritage, Excursions and Research tours.

  • Leisure Tours
    Leisure have different meanings to different people, we being aware of this, we satisfy the desire of the beach lover, the adventurous, the birder, nature enthusiast, name it and we will deliver with a smile.

  • Honeymoon Packages 
    To relief couples of post wedding stress and start married life with a memorable getaway; we provide a refreshing honeymoon package including Hotel accommodation, tourist attractions, transportation, special couple gift box and dinners.

  • Wildlife 
    Ghana offers great opportunities for game viewing,  with 16 protected areas been the habitat of various mammals including monkeys, antelopes, different species of birds and butterflies, elephants, crocodiles and turtles, you are certain to embark on an adventurous  trip from the savannah habitat of Mole National Park  through to the rainforest of Kakum National Park.  Enjoying night stays in camps, trekking, and foot and canoe safari.

  • Cultural Tours
    To celebrate Ghana`s cultural diversity, we take you on a wonderful self-exploration trip of true culture.  Ghana`s seasonal festivals, varied and unique ethnic groups, celebration of birth and marriage presents an opportunity for a rich experience. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the people whilst you learn of their cultural values and traditions.

  • Adventure Tours 
    Want to explore more of Ghana?  Then our tour plans are exactly what you need. Hiking and biking through forest trails and remote communities, distant attraction sites, safari to nature reserves, these amazing activities can be arranged to suit any fitness level. Come on board our adventure train.

  • Incentive Package 
    It is an amazing package for families, educational institutions and corporate bodies to encourage their wards to do well at school and to reward their excellent staff and customers to contribute greatly to offering quality services and customer retention.

  • Pilgrimage Tours
    It is a great opportunity to join the Christian family to have a magnificent visit to one of the most historic city on earth, Israel to tour the holy land for a great experience as a believer, this tour enables you as a Christian learn more about the Christian faith.

  • Eco Tours
    We give you an experience of a life time and bring you closer to local communities and their daily lives. Our believe that  eco-tourism is a tool for poverty alleviation  and development drives us to create packages which will fulfill this interest as well as enlighten you on the indigenous culture of the people, appreciating and respecting their  tradition and natural resources.

    Heritage Tours 
    Crafted to give you an in depth insight into the unique customs and aftermath of colonialism as we visit relics of European colonialism; monuments of significance such as forts and castles which served as transit points for slaves and trace slave routes.  Join us to explore these historical treasures and relive the memories of our ancestors.

    Day Trips
    Our day trips include Accra City tour, Aburi Botanical Gardens, Atimpoku, Cape Coast City tour, Tafi Monkey Sanctuary, Tafi Abuife Kente village, Amedzofe, Wli Falls, and Liate Wote.  Ideal for family day out, students and guests with little time.

    Research Tourism 
    Excitingly, students enjoy travelling to visit purposely for research.  Whatever theme your research has, we help you gain access to first-hand information.  We incorporate attraction sites and activities to make your research period interesting.

    Sport tourism 
    We bring together schools to participate in sporting competitions and football galas both locally and international level to enhance friendliness among schools and entertainment for students. These fun games also help students to have great exposures as well as the institutions involved. We also organize games for funs to watch and support their teams in major tournaments.



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